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    2. Legal Positions

      Moses & Singer offers associate attorneys the opportunity to work at a firm noted for its excellence, its commitment to training and its policy of encouraging associates to have lives outside the office. Associates are expected to assume hands-on responsibility for matters and are given the opportunity to enjoy material client contact. In addition to offering associates the opportunity to train with partners known for their specialty expertise, the firm is an Accredited Provider of CLE courses and offers a wide spectrum of programs. We strongly support firm-related career and practice development activities as well as professional activities outside the firm. Because the firm is not rigidly departmentalized, associates have the opportunity to practice in a number of areas while developing their field of specialization.

      There are no positions currently available.

      Candidates interested in applying for a legal position at Moses & Singer should contact us at recruiting@mosessinger.com or by writing to us at:

      Moses & Singer LLP
      The Chrysler Building
      405 Lexington Avenue
      New York, NY 10174-1299
      tel: (212) 554-7800
      fax: (212) 554-7700
      Attention: Human Resources Department